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How do I get to the Winter Relams Wisconsin location?
How do I get to the Winter Relams Wisconsin location?

How do we get there? Where can I park my car? Are shuttles provided? Can I take a ride share, like Uber or Lyft?

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Geneva National Resort & Club, 1091 Hidden Cottage Circle, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

If using GPS for directions, please enter the above address. The address for the Geneva National Club will route you to a gate only accessible by residents of the community.


From Highway 50 turn onto Geneva National Avenue West. Continue for 2 miles and follow the signage until you arrive at Geneva National Resort & Club, where Winter Realms is located.


Services like Uber and Lyft are reliable in Lake Geneva. We recommend using them during our busiest hours around the time of sunset due to limited parking.


Free parking is available in front of the Geneva National Club. Guests will be directed to the nearest available parking by Winter Realms event crew.


A complimentary shuttle to and from The Ridge Hotel is offered for all Winter Realms guests, regardless of if they have purchased a packaged stay at the hotel. During all Winter Realms hours of operation, the shuttle will pick up guests at the front door to the hotel every 15 minutes. Guests may be directed to park at The Ridge Hotel by parking staff if the lot in front of the Geneva National Club becomes full.

ADA Parking

Designated parking spots for guests with an ADA pass are located near the entrance to Winter Realms. Guests who do not have a pass may be dropped off at the entrance and/or picked up at the exit, if they choose.

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