Will there be a light walk?

What does the light walk entail? Are tickets needed for the light walk?

Updated over a week ago

Our Mystic Light Walk invites guests to enjoy an enchanting stroll along a path illuminated by colorful lights and sprinkled with magical surprises.

Light Walk Admission

The light walk is included in the price of admission, so additional tickets do not need to be purchased. Guests can enjoy the walk at any point during their visit, as there are no time slots associated with the walk.

Light Walk Lighting

Please note that our light walk does contain lasers and strobe lights, but there is an option to bypass it. If someone in your party is sensitive to lighting effects in any way, we suggest visiting Winter Realms during the day.

Light Walk Trail

The light walk is a .06 mile-long pathway made of artificial flooring, perfectly flat and adorned with thousands of radiant lights that transform the trail into an enchanting spectacle.

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