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Can I do a photoshoot at Winter Realms WI?
Can I do a photoshoot at Winter Realms WI?

What is the photography policy? Can I do a portrait, family/child or wedding/engagement photoshoot? What photography equipment is permitted?

Updated over a week ago

Professional Photography at Winter Realms

Winter Realms is a truly magical place to take photos! Due to the daily maintenance and weather dependency of Winter Realms, we are not able to accommodate photography sessions outside of operational hours. Professional photographers are permitted to take photos during operational hours on the weekdays Winter Realms are open to the general public (except holidays) as long as they adhere to the following policies:

  • Professional photographers taking photos at Winter Realms during operating hours must speak with the Event Manager upon check-in at the box office.

  • Every person participating in the photoshoot must purchase a ticket for entry, including the photographer.

  • We do not allow photography equipment besides a camera. Items such as tripods, lighting, etc. are not allowed inside Winter Realms while we are open to the public.

  • Areas cannot be blocked off for photography purposes.

  • Photographers cannot ask other Winter Realms guests to leave an area or move for their photography purposes.

  • We cannot guarantee you will be able to get an image without other guests in the background.

  • Please remember that Winter Realms is a family-friendly event when planning your pictures.

  • If photography subjects are in costume they must adhere to the costume guidelines listed here.

  • Please note that due to the extensive daily maintenance and weather dependency of Winter Realms, we cannot accommodate special requests.

  • For photographers looking to do a small, private photo shoot for personal use, we recommend checking out our Arctic Alcove.

Commercial Photography at Winter Realms

Guests wishing to explore opportunities to utilize Winter Realms for commercial purposes/photoshoots must contact email:

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