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When does Winter Realms WI open and close?
When does Winter Realms WI open and close?

What is the opening date or closing date? What hours does Winter Realms operate? Will Winter Realms be open on the holidays?

Updated over a week ago

Winter Realms WI will likely open in January, but our opening dates differ year-to-year as our operations are completely dependent on weather. Our crews can only create winter magic when precipitation is not in the forecast and temperatures are consistently cold enough to generate snow and icicles. Once the attraction is nearing completion, we will announce our opening date. Winter Realms WI will then run through late February or early March, depending on the weather.

Advance tickets go on sale on our website in early December. To be the first to know when ticket sales are announced, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our Wisconsin webpage!

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