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What is Winter Realms WI?
What is Winter Realms WI?

What does the event entail?

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Winter Realms, the latest winter-tainment destination brought to you by the creators of Ice Castles, enchants visitors with an abundance of dazzling lights and a variety of winter activities. Step into a realm where every sparkle of light and every activity is a celebration of winter’s magic.

Delight in a ride along the golf course at Geneva National Resort and Club where guests are taken through tree-lined areas illuminated with lights.

Enjoy a beautiful stroll along a pathway awash with colorful lights that unveil a world of magic with every step.

Wander through a collection of whimsical world-class ice sculptures and snowy structures.

Be Enchanted by the Arctic Village

Explore an awe-inspiring complex of ice and snow structures, caverns and igloos.

Squeal with delight as you race down one of our exhilarating ice slides designed for people of all ages.

Enjoy the classic thrill of cruising down a tubing hill on a snow path groomed for safety, speed, and fun.

Warm Up with a Treat

Sit and savor the moment with a sweet or savory treat from our concessions, or an adult beverage from the Polar Pub.

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